martes, 5 de septiembre de 2017


Inicié aprendiendo idiomas en 2006 formalmente en una escuela, en 2008 me inscribí en la carrera de lenguas modernas pero me dí cuenta que estaba ahí sólo por los idiomas así que me cambié al departamento de lenguas donde empecé a estudiar Inglés y Francés hasta 2010, después en 2011 empecé a estudiar Japonés y aquí sigo obsesionada con los idiomas, me gustaría aprender Coreano y Ruso también, o tal vez Italiano y Portugués.
Decidí iniciar este blog para practicar ejercicios que aprendo en mis momentos de estudio.

I started learning languages in 2006 at some languages school, in 2008 i applied for foreign languages degree at university and studied there, but i realised i was there only for the idioms so i changed my learning lessons for the language department at that same university, i studied then English and French from 2008 to 2010, one year later in 2011 i started learning also Japanese and i decame obssesed with learning foreign languages, not just english as it's the most common second languae in my town, i'm still learning i mean i have lots to learn and also i would like to take up some other languages such as Korean and Russian, or maybe Italian and Portuguese.
I decided to start this blog to practice all the lessons and words and grammar rules i'm learning right now.

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